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How to Develop Speed & Power in Okinawan Karate DVD by Kazumasa Yokoyama



Secret of Naifanchi   Nov. 2007
Advanced concepts of speed, power, and variation!Instantaneous strikes using classical kata. 

Budo Live Talk in Japan  Mar. 2007 
How to develop strength and endurance through the study of eastern martial arts. 
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The Real Usage of Pinan-Kata (DVD)  Dec. 2006 
In this latest DVD production, Kancho Yokoyama revealed the hidden secret behind tranditional Pinan-Kata, explained the purpose of each kata and its application. 

Deep Research of Naihanchi  Oct. 2006 
Interviewed by Hiden Magzine 
This article explains the true meaning of NAIHACHI KATA training.

The True Meaning of Shuto  Sept. 2006
Interviewed by Hiden Magzine 
Authentic Shuto usage explained and explored.

Okinawan Karate Reborn!!  Mar. 2006
Interviewed by Hiden Magzine 
Expos?about Kacho Yokoyama's movement and how it pertains to classical karate.

Kobudo - Tofa   Jul. 2004 
Article in Karate-do Magzine 
Okinawan Kobudo Tofa jitsu introduction.

The Concept of Flexibility  May 2004
Interviewed by Karate-do Magzine 
Explains how flexibility is combined with a rigid axis not only for just martial arts, but for life in general.

The Principle of Martial Art II,   Jan. 2004 
Article in Karate-do Magzine 
Volume II

The Principle of Martial Art I   Dec. 2003
Article in Karate-do Magazine 
Karate is not just techniques, but principles, techniques are adaptable, but principle never changes.


Kobudo - Bojitsu (DVD) 
Okinawan kobudo, Bo usage in real combat. 


Kobudo - Nunchaku Jitsu (DVD) 
Okinawan kobudo, Ninchaku usage in real combat.